PRESENTATION: African Youth Engagement Goes Viral Discuss with Young Leaders How to Create Economically Engaged Youth Networks, Sep 2016

Umsizi Fund, CIYOTA, Ongoza, Darecha Limited
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Sep 28, 2016

The scale of the youth unemployment challenge is vast; we need to shift mindsets from the bottom up. Youth need to see new paths, opportunities and role models that encourage initiative and livelihood development. Youth leaders of the African Leadership Academy replicate "solution seeking" leadership training with youth throughout the African continent.
What is working as near peers help youth develop 21st century skills and launch business ventures?
What challenges do they face?
What can other attendees add to help them expand their reach and impact? 




Amy Brakeman, President, Umsizi Fund (USA)

Joseph Munyambanza, Co-Founder, CIYOTA (Uganda)

Eddy Gicheru Oketch, Founder, Ongoza (Kenya)

Julius Shirima, Founder, Darecha Limited (Tanzania)

Workforce Development
Economic Empowerment