PRESENTATION: The Arab Spring, 5 Years Later Supporting a Creative Ecosystem for Youth Entrepreneurship in Tunisia, Sep 2016

Mercy Corps, Hivos
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Sep, 2016

In December 2010, the Tunisian Revolution began in response to dissatisfaction with local government and the lack of equitable economic opportunities. Youth yearning for a voice, equality, and fair employment were at the heart of the revolution and the larger Arab Spring. As a response, Mercy Corps has been supporting young Tunisians in gaining soft and technical skills, as well as accessing new income opportunities. Learn about how Mercy Corps is collaborating with Hivos and the Tunisian government to promote soft skills for entrepreneurship via innovative co-working spaces, gamification techniques, and by partnering with Tunisia’s great minds in ICT, media, and music.  



Tara Noronha, Senior Advisor, Mercy Corps (USA)

Mourad Hentati, LEAD and MicroMentor programs (Tunisia)

Arthur Steiner, Project Manager Mideast Creatives, Hivos (The Netherlands)

Enterprise Development
Middle East & North Africa