Monitoring and measuring the results of interventions related to technical and vocational education and training and the labour market A guideline for practitioners

Dr. Wolfgang Meyer, Stefan Thomas

Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) has been an important area of intervention in German development policy for many years. As part of integrated education systems TVET contributes significantly to improving the living conditions in our partner countries, both at an individual and a societal level.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development regards education and TVET as pivotal success factors for combating poverty and for sustainable economic and social development. Our goal is lifelong education for all. This is why we will boost our investments in education up to 2013: we will increase the number of partner countries in which our development policy focuses on education and by 2013 we will at least double the funds for education in Africa. This commitment to education is also an appeal to all those responsible for ensuring that investments in the education systems of our partner countries are as effective and efficient as possible. In this respect we seek constant improvement and have accordingly chosen “Results” as our leitmotif for 2012. This guideline is perfectly timed to support us in this endeavour. It outlines the methodology and instruments that can be used to measure the results of our work. Monitoring and measuring results is not just a basis for transparent public information about our work but is also indispensable if we are to gain knowledge on how investment in education in our partner countries should be conceived in the years to come. At this point I wish to thank the authors and all those who were involved in producing this guideline and hope that reading it may provide useful insights and inspiration for putting it into effect in your projects and programmes.

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