Review of Development Partner Support for African Union Youth Employment and Education Priorities

Monika Aring and Obed Diener
Workforce Connections, FHI 360
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Aug, 2014

This report provides an overview of efforts of the African Union (AU) and its development partners to strengthen education in Africa, in the context of the urgent and growing youth employment challenge facing the Continent. It begins with an overview of the AU’s role, structure, and main strategic frameworks and priorities as they relate to youth employment and education. The report then analyzes the youth employment challenge, including priority needs for human capital development and the critical role of the private sector. A descriptive snapshot is provided of USAID’s recent youth employment investments in Africa. The report also presents a stocktaking of current support for education and skills development from a number of key AU Partners – including multilateral, bilateral, and South-South Partners – with a primary focus on programs that directly support the activities of the AU. Particular emphasis is given to activities that support the AU Second Decade of Education (2006-2015) Plan of Action.

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Middle East & North Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa