Global Youth Wellbeing Index: A Vietnam Case Study

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and International Youth Foundation (IYF)
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Vietnam’s achievements in reducing poverty, boosting the economy, and creating early gains in youth development make it a real success story. Yet according to the report you are about to read, that trajectory of growth and development can only be sustained with more targeted investments in the country’s younger generation—in such areas as marketable skills training, expanded civic engagement opportunities, and attention to the specific challenges facing Vietnamese young women.

Today, an estimated 620 million young men and women worldwide are neither working nor studying. To effectively address their needs and hopes for the future, we must know who these young people are, what they say they need to be successful, which services they can already access, and gaps that must be closed. Through its holistic, data-driven analysis of young people in 30 countries, the Global index is designed to help all of us—business executives, government leaders, policy makers, donor organizations, and civil society organizations—make informed decisions and strategic.

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