Cities of Opportunity: Rapid Urbanization and Implications for Youth

Jon-Andreas Solberg, Timothy Nourse, Dorothy Stuehmke
Citi Foundation, UN-HABITAT, Making Cents International
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Oct, 2015

The world is becoming more urban, and residents of cities are becoming younger. By 2030, it is predicted that 60% of the world’s population will live in cities, of which up to 60% will be under the age of 18. But are cities ready for the challenges and opportunities associated with this rapid growth? In particular, are cities building the infrastructure and environment to provide economic opportunities for this growing youth population? Infrastructure, access to technology, youth participation in decision-making, private sector involvement in training -- there are many ingredients that lead to a youth inclusive city, but what are the drivers of youth economic opportunity in cities and how can they be accelerated through programs and policies? This plenary will provide a funders’ perspective and rationale for prioritizing youth inclusion as well as leverage practitioner insight and Making Cents’ publication, Cities of Opportunity: Drivers and Priorities for Urban Youth Economic Inclusion, to outline critical issues for implementers to consider.

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