We Got This: A Call to Action for Youth Employment

Opporunity Nation
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Oct, 2015

Starting today, every one of us can work together and take concrete steps to ensure young Americans are thriving in their jobs, schools and communities. Generated by the priorities of our diverse, cross-sector coalition and an extensive listening tour with key partners, Opportunity Nation is releasing our plan to tackle the U.S. youth employment crisis: WE GOT THIS.

Connecting young Americans to meaningful, seamless education and career pathways benefits our communities, our companies and our country. Helping our youth get ahead is not simply altruistic — it improves our economy, our society and our global competitiveness. When our youth do well, we all do well. Young people bring energy, creativity, loyalty, comfort with technology and other strengths in abundance. They just need an opportunity. And we need all our talent on the field.

With double-digit youth unemployment, millions of American youth currently disconnected from school and work, and employers desperate for skilled workers, now is the time to come together across public, private and nonprofit sectors and help young Americans gain the skills they need for today’s competitive job market and get on the road to economic security and stability.

Each of us — including employers, educational institutions, nonprofits and philanthropies, policymakers and young Americans — can help realize this goal. We can mentor or hire youth, bring potential partners together to train and prepare youth for careers, and advocate local, state and federal policy change. Guided by solutions that work across the country — from cities and suburbs to rural settings and tribal lands — this is how we become a true opportunity nation for the rising generation.

Read the We Got This: A Call to Action for Youth Employment booklet here

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