SKYE Project Coaching Survey Report

Education Development Center (EDC)
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Oct, 2015

Coaching is not a standalone intervention. Research demonstrates that youth who have someone that encourages them and believes in their skills and abilities is in a better position to achieve their goals. Coaching is a key component of the USAID-funded SKYE Project in Guyana. The project recruits full-time coaches to support youth during the work-readiness training and in their job search.

The SKYE project and EDC’s Youth Team are interested in gaining a better understanding of the value of coaching as a project intervention. In order to achieve this, the project administered a Coaching Survey to over 300 SKYE training graduates in March 2015. The objective of the SKYE Coaching Survey is two-fold:

  1. To assess how helpful the coaches are for youth;
  2. To assess which aspects of the coaching are most useful for youth when looking for a job, entering the workforce, or starting their own business.

The following report details the results of the coaching survey in four sections: 1) Demographics of the sample, 2) Employment and the job search, 3) Overall coaching experience and 4) Final comments from SKYE youth.

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