Socio-Emotional Skills: A Critical Subset of "Soft Skills" and How to Develop Them via In-School and Out-of-School Settings

Tamera Campbell, Susan Rivers, Bonnie Politz
Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Creative Associates International
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Oct, 2015

Youth who can effectively recognize, manage, and communicate emotions get the most out of their learning experiences while strengthening key soft skills for workforce success including self-control, positive self-conception, communication, and social skills. Emotional awareness, though, is not intuitive and is rarely taught formally. Moreover, instability in homes and poverty in communities can exacerbate the difficulties of coming to school emotionally prepared to learn and to enter the workplace, ready to do the job. Speakers will present their research showing that youth can be better prepared to manage their emotional lives so that they can focus, learn, and succeed in school and in the workforce. 

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