Soft Skills Development and Workforce Success: Current State of the Evidence and Upcoming Research

Laura Lippman, Maria Eugenia, Mario Picon, Suezan Lee, Maria Elena Nawar, Susana Puerto
Youth Employment Funder's Group (YEFG), 3ie, USAID, ILO, IDB/MIF, MCC
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Oct, 2015

In 2015, a number of breakthrough studies on soft skills were finalized, including “Building a consensus on core work-readiness competencies” (funded by USAID and conducted by Child Trends) and “Youth & Transferable Skills: an Evidence Gap Map” (funded by the MacArthur Foundation & the MasterCard Foundation and conducted by 3ie).


This session will present participants with an overview of the research findings, and foster a funders’ discussion on the next steps planned to continue building the body of actionable evidence around this topic. Kindly note that this session will not provide funding opportunities for research, but rather information on the research that is already planned.


This session has been organized by the Youth Employment Funders Group (YEFG), which has contributed to coordinate research efforts.

Workforce Development
Soft Skills