Using the SCALERS Model to Guide Scaling Strategy

Paul Bloom
Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship at Duke University
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Oct, 2015

The SCALERS model proposes that successful scaling of a social venture requires developing a mix of organizational capabilities that are tailored to the venture’s unique innovation and ecosystem.  Depending on the specific situation faced by the venture, some or all of the following organizational capabilities will need to be strengthened: Staffing (i.e., human resource capacity building), Communicating, Alliance-Building, Lobbying (i.e., advocating), Earnings-generation, Replicating, and Stimulating market forces. Participants in this session will be instructed in how to evaluate their innovation, ecosystem, and resource situation, using what is learned to develop a scaling strategy that has a greater probability of achieving significant social impact.  A series of exercises completing worksheets and diagrams, coupled with feedback from peers and the session leader, should provide participants with take-aways that should be useful to their organizations. 

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