EY Global Job Creation and Youth Entrepreneurship Survey 2015

Global Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
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Jun, 2015

"If you think you can, or you think you can’t, either way you are right." 
Henry Ford

Ford's words are as true for today's entrepreneurs as they were to Ford himself almost one hundred years ago. Optimism, as well as pessimism, is a mindset. And according to EY's 2015 Global Job Creation and Youth Entrepreneurship Survey, optimism is winning: entrepreneurs are leading job creation globally, with 47% of entrepreneurs expecting to increase their total global workforce this year.

The fourth annual report, from the EY Global Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, surveyed 201 past Entrepreneur Of The Year winners* about their hiring plans and economic confidence.

Additionally, we polled another 2,000+ innovative entrepreneurs* from around the globe. These respondents bring a point of view from a broad and diverse range of emerging country economies, including key global growth drivers such as India, China and Brazil.

Expanded scope includes the aspirations of youth

In this year's report, we went even deeper. With global youth unemployment at a near crisis point, we wanted to know what younger people were thinking and feeling about the future.

So in part two of the survey, we present finding from 2,807 young people, aged 18-25.**

We asked about their career aspirations to find out how entrepreneurship fits into their plans. The research, conducted online, captures the real-time views and ambitions of young people in education or actively engaged in the job market.

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