Policy in Focus: Youth and Employment in the BRICS

The International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth: United Nations Development Programme
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Apr, 2014
The issue is dedicated to the analysis of the usage of social programs to promote youth employment in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries. The 2014 BRICS Academic Forum officially transferred the responsibilities of host country, South Africa to Brazil, providing an impetus to understand how the BRICS countries have made use of their extensive expertise in social policies and programs to go beyond mitigation of crisis, towards the realization of young people’s ambitions.
The special issue commences with a comparative article from the editors (“To BRICS or not to BRICS: the Dilemma of Youth Unemployment” by Rafael Guerreiro Osório, Director of Social Policies and Studies, Institute for Applied Economic Research and Pedro Lara de Arruda, International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth), followed by an article by UNICEF on adolescence (“Why to Invest in Adolescents” by Mário Volpi, UNICEF National Program on Adolescence). The issue then proceeds to introduce specific sections dedicated to each BRICS country as per their respective order within the BRICS acronym. The opening articles of each section provide a general overview of social programmes and the creation of jobs for young people, while the closing articles from each section provide studies focused on the promotion of youth employment through more specific social programs.
Workforce Development
Asia, Southeast Asia, & the Pacific
Europe & Central Asia
Latin America & the Caribbean
Vocational Education