Going Mobile: Five Steps to Achieving Scale, Impact, and Sustainability in Youth Programming

Souktel Inc.
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From Asia to the Americas, mobile phone use is booming- especially among youth. But how-and when- will using mobiles in your youth workforce development projects contribute to your project's success? At the Workforce Development session "Going Mobile: Five Steps to Achieving Scale, Impact and Sustainability," at the 2014 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit, Jacob Korenblum, CEO and Co-Founder of Souktel Inc., outlines 5 easy ways to incorporate mobile and web applications into livelihoods project design, along with providing key steps for evaluating these tech-based interventions. Additionally, Massachusetts Institute Technology and Souktel Inc. provide a demo of their "micro-work" platform which is used in the Middle East to link youth with work and training. The presentation also allowed participants to learn from youth about how mobile tech interventions have helped them build skills and find work.

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