Scaling Financial Inclusion through Partnerships and Technology

Anna Zanghi, Ed Brandt, Beth Porter
MasterCard Worldwide, United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)

Digital inclusion is the new global reality. Advances in card- and phone-based technology, as well as the infrastructure to support it, means that a growing proportion of the world is transacting electronically. But does access to electronic payments lead to financial inclusion? What will it take to transform increased access to payment technology to increased utilization of a broader suite of financial services? How are the answers to these questions the same or different for youth? The MasterCard Corporation is on the forefront of this wave, introducing new pre-paid and debit card vehicles for digital inclusion to youth and adults throughout the developing world. This session, led by Beth Porter from UNCDF, presents on the most important issues in technology and financial inclusion today

Financial Inclusion
Financial Capability