Youth Financial Inclusion & Economic Opportunities - Lessons Learned and Actionable Guidance

Making Cents International
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This technical brief provides guidance to Youth Financial Inclusion (YFI) implementers deciding whether to offer appropriate financial products and services to youth, how to use technology to deliver them to youth, and methods to extend financial inclusion to youth in hard-to-reach rural areas. The brief provides practical tips and examples of innovative programs that promote youth financial capability (YFC) and access to youth-friendly financial capability. It begins by presenting an innovative decision tree for determining whether or not to offer YFI and key drivers of profitability for those institutions that do. It continues by discussing the ways in which technology is being used to promote YFI and draws on longer-term research on the impact of savings in the U.S. to evaluate models that can be applied overseas. The brief then focuses on the challenges of financial service provision to rural youth and describes three successful models currently being implemented around the globe. Finally, the brief discusses how the YFI field has evolved and what the latest in research tells us about successful programming.

This technical brief on gender and youth economic opportunities programming has been developed by Making Cents International’s Collaborative Learning & Action Institute for Increased Youth Economic Opportunities (CoLab) and forms part of our 2014 State of the Field in Youth Economic Opportunities Technical Brief Series.

Making Cents International expresses its sincere gratitude to The MasterCard Foundation for its partnership on the production of these technical briefs, and for advancing knowledge and practice in the youth economic opportunities field.


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