Youth Loan Products: Assessing the Impact of Product Features and Financial Education in Morocco

Khadija Saoudi, Daniel Harley, Adil Sadoq, and the MEDA Maroc Team
MEDA, MasterCard Foundation
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This study is the second in MEDA’s ‘YouthInvest Praxis Series’ - a group of reflective publications developed over the course of the YouthInvest (YI) project in Morocco and Egypt to assess the impact of MEDA’s interventions in order to learn from and strengthen them. This particular study focuses on the impacts of the project’s financial education and loan programme, documenting the kinds of loans that youth accessed, youth satisfaction with financial education training and loan features, the effect of the loans on youth livelihoods and savings behaviour, and MFI staff insights on the efficacy of the program and how the loans could be improved. In addition to facilitating reflection and innovation within the project, the YI team hopes this publication will be useful to financial service providers such as microfinance institutions, as well as youth, practitioners, and researchers.

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