Baseline Report: Assessment of Competencies, Technical Skills and Needs in Bosnia Herzegovina's ICT Services Sector

Jusuf Tanović, Tanja Madžarević, Adnan Mandžo
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Mar, 2014

Key challenges facing youth include difficulties in obtaining adequate training and practical experience, as well as obtaining jobs and short-­term employment opportunities. Youth also face challenges when launching startups, often lacking technical or business mentorship assistance as well as access to sources of finance. This is particularly the case in the early stages of business development due to underdeveloped investor culture in BiH and the perceived high risks involved with early ventures.

USAID's Partnership for Innovation (PI) project is focused on two areas of activities: a) support to young market entrants to improve their work readiness and ICT skills and exploit new employment opportunities, and b) support to SMEs to adopt and better utilize the latest ICT technologies and processes to improve their efficiency and competitiveness.

A demand-­driven approach underlies all PI activities and project ensures that all programs are designed and modified based on market analysis and direct feedback from SMEs and educational partners.

This assessment represents one such project analysis aimed at obtaining critical baseline information on the state of the competencies, skills and human resource needs within the project, targeted at the BiH ICT industry subsector. The PI targeted subsector excludes large state owned Telecoms, SMEs that are focused on hardware assembly processes and retailers of computer equipment and software.

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