Designing programmes that improve young rural people’s livelihoods

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Awareness is growing of the importance of young people to the future of rural communities. In recent years the number of projects targeting young rural people has grown, but more needs to be done. These initiatives can be expanded by developing more systematic approaches to integrating youth issues into rural development projects and programmes.
Youth can be more effectively targeted in rural development initiatives by bringing together knowledge generated from: youth involvement in projects supported by IFAD and its partners; youth-centred events (such as IFAD’s 2011 Governing Council and the 2012 Farmers’ Forum); consultations with young rural people (such as workshops with aspiring young rural entrepreneurs in Cartagena, Colombia and Cotonou, Benin); research on rural youth livelihoods (such as the IFAD/ILO study Promoting decent and productive employment of young people in rural areas: A review of strategies and programmes); and lessons learned from work by
partner organizations (such as the evaluation of youth employment programmes by the World Bank and International Finance Corporation). 
This note outlines steps that may be taken at the pre-design and design stages to develop programmes and projects that benefit young rural women and men (sections 1 and 2), as well as specific programme/project activities to benefit young rural people (section 3). The programmes/projects are outlined according to theme, with suitable resources and examples of best practice provided for each. A list of rural youth resources is provided in section 4, while section 5 gives some recent examples of good practice from IFAD projects. See the annexes for more details on good practice. 
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