Structural Barriers, Constraints, and Urban Youth Employment: The Case of Ilala Municipality, Dar-es-Salaam

Christopher S. Awinia
REPOA Policy Research for Development
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Feb, 2014
This study investigates the constraints that urban youth face in their quest for employment in the urban mainstream economy. RAWG (2012) warns that the unincorporated informal enterprises created by rural-to-urban youth migrants will result in the creation of informal urban enterprises with low levels of labour productivity. These informal enterprises will limit the prospects for the country to develop a more diversified economy (from agriculture), where industry, through MSMEs (micro and small enterprises), will play a larger role in the economy. RAWG (2012) argues for business formalisation – i.e. including legal and regulatory frameworks (licensing, business formalisation, access to business premises, and taxes), infrastructure (transport, energy, and ICT), registration of land, access to finance, building a culture of enterprise, and provision of business support services – to rectify this situation. 
Workforce Development
Sub-Saharan Africa
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