In This Together: The Hidden Cost of Young Adult Unemployment

Rory O’Sullivan, Konrad Mugglestone, and Tom Allison
Young Invincibles
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Jan, 2014

In this report released by Young Invincibles, In this Together: The Hidden Cost of Young Adult Unemployment, examines the real and hidden costs of young adult unemployment to America’s taxpayers and its devastating impact on the economy. According to the report, crisis-level young adult unemployment not only reduces the economic security of a generation, but also drains desperately needed resources from state and federal governments to the tune of $8.9 billion annually.

The report, for the first time, puts a price tag on the cost of youth unemployment to each individual taxpayer. The report’s authors found that high youth unemployment effectively adds an additional $53 to each taxpayer’s federal tax bill. The costs are even higher when including lost state income tax revenue. These costs result primarily from lost tax revenue.

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