TEN Youth: Unlocking Enterprise Growth by Focusing on the Fortune at the Bottom of the Talent Pyramid

Nicholas Davis, Ebba Hansmeyer, Branka Minic, Shantanu Prakash, Subramanian Rangan
World Economic Forum, INSEAD, Future Work Consulting, Educomp Solutions Limited
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The world urgently needs economic growth and accelerated job creation. However, in emerging markets, enterprise growth and expansion is bottle-necked by a shortage of adequate talent. Meanwhile, millions of young people around the world are confront unemployment. This dual problem of enterprise talent shortage and youth unemployment may be addressed in a bold and fundamentally unified manner. In emerging economies, enterprises battling talent shortage can unblock growth by focusing on the potential fortune at the bottom of the talent pyramid. In the process, they will impart skills and employment to millions of youth. Our proposed solution is TEN Youth.
Nicholas Davis is Director, Head of Europe and Constituents at World Economic Forum.
Ebba Hansmeyer is an initiative director at INSEAD.
Branka Minic is the Founder of Future Work Consulting.
Shantanu Prakash is the Chairman and Managing Director of Educomp Solutions Limited.
Subramanian Rangan, is the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court Endowed Chair in Societal Progress at INSEAD.
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