Digital Jobs: Building Skills for the Future

Karim Harji And Hilary Best, E.T. Jackson & Associates, And Eme Essien-Lore And Sarah Troup
The Rockefeller Foundation
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May 7, 2013

The Digital Jobs: Building Skills for the Future report introduces a new initiative of the Rockefeller Foundation, Digital Jobs Africa. The initiative will support youth with limited employment opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa and MENA to access digital job opportunities, "while building and refining transferable skills that make them resilient in the future economy." 

This report makes a case for how "digital jobs" can address the youth employment challenge (read more about that here). 



Digital jobs help individuals to build a transferable skill set that makes them resilient in the economy by strengthening their future employment opportunities and enhancing their adaptability to the changing nature of the workplace. For example, gaining and refining communication skills through an entry-level call center role can eventually allow a young person to progress and qualify for a mid-level customer service role in financial services. In this way, digital jobs can serve as a springboard to access jobs with higher pay, new professional development opportunities and enhanced personal development.

Digital jobs have a unique capacity to provide employment to individuals who face barriers to employment. These barriers may include education level, family and income poverty, gender, lack of prior experience, or shortage of employment options in a community. For example, youth can work in entry-level data management roles that don’t require advanced expertise. 


Download the full report to read more about this important, seven-year initiative. 

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