The Whys Behind Migration and How We Can Empower Youth to Build Their Own Future

Salvador Stadthagen, Manuel Orozco
Creative Associates International, Inter-American Dialogue
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More than half of young women in Honduras intend to migrate, a new research study by Creative Associates International finds. Across the Northern Triangle, youth are deeply affected by economic, victimization and transnational factors and are far more likely to want to migrate than adults.


In this session, participants will deepen their understanding of this complex region as Creative and The Inter-American Dialogue present findings from the Saliendo Adelante research study on the drivers of migration from the Northern Triangle. Presenters will focus specifically on Guatemala and Honduras and how young men and women are uniquely affected by the factors that influence migration. The session will address how positive youth development can build resilience and economic opportunity for those likely to migrate, using examples from Creative’s family systems-based secondary violence prevention program Proponte Más and The Inter-American Dialogue’s Opportunities for My Communities economic growth activities in Guatemala.

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