Putting South Africa to Work: The Role of the Jobs Fund in Supporting Enterprise Development

Tshegofatso Kgasago, Caroline Stapleton
Genisis Analytics
Publication Date: 
Oct 3, 2019

The Jobs Fund is a R9 billion fund established by the South African Government in 2011, which aims to catalyze job creation through structured partnerships with private organizations and enterprises. This approach to funding job creation represents a significant policy departure for the South African government and, indeed, other governments in Africa.

This session will discuss the key findings of an evaluation of the Jobs Fund’s Enterprise Development Window, in order to inform a broader discussion as to the role of government to promote private investment, initiative, and innovation for greater economic inclusion of youth and women.

Workforce Development
Sub-Saharan Africa
Economic Empowerment
Financial Capability
Financial Literacy/Education
Governance & Policy
Market Development