Active Labor Marker Programs for Youth: A Framework to Guide Youth Employment Interventions

Wendy Cunningham, Maria Laura Sanchez-Puerta, and Alice Wuermli
World Bank
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Nov, 2010

Youth are three times more likely to be unemployed than adults, even in economies with strong economic growth (ILO, 2008). This begs the question of what is it about youth that leads to such high rates of unemployment? And what can be done to help young people more efficiently integrate into the labor market?

This Note is a tool to provide policymakers and youth-serving organizations with a framework to better diagnose short- to medium-run constraints facing the stock of unemployed youth and to design evidence based youth employment interventions.

While reducing youth unemployment in the long-run is a multi-dimensional approach requiring a range of substantial reforms as proposed in the MILES framework (World Bank, 2007), this Note considers only Active Labor Market Programs (ALMP) that are designed to enhance labor market (re)integration within existing institutional and macro-economic constraints, i.e. we take as given labor market regulations, the investment climate, and the general education system. The Note only addresses youth employment; strategies to affect wages, productivity, underemployment, or job quality are not directly discussed.

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