Understanding Children's Work and Youth Employment Outcomes in Rwanda: Country Report

Understanding Children’s Work (UCW) Programme
Understanding Children’s Work (UCW) Programme
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Jun, 2011

Overcoming the related challenges of child labour and the lack of decent work opportunities for youth will be critical to Rwanda’s progress towards the Millennium Development Goals. The effects of child labour and poor youth employment outcomes are well-documented: both can lead to social vulnerability and societal marginalisation, and both can permanently impair productive potential and therefore influence lifetime patterns of employment and pay.

The issues of child labour and youth employment outcomes are closely linked. Employment outcomes are typically worst for former child labourers and others whose education has been compromised. Indeed, today’s jobless or inadequately employed youth are often yesterday’s child labourers. The link between child labour and labour market outcomes can also operate in the other direction: poor future employment prospects can reduce the incentive of households to invest in children's education.

From a policy perspective, therefore, it makes sense to look at the issues of child labour and youth employment side by side. Efforts to provide young people with quality employment opportunities cannot be divorced from efforts to combat child labour. The current report examines the issues of child labour and youth employment in Rwanda.

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