Market-Driven Youth Programs and the Bottom Line

Kehler, M.L., Sanabria, L.F. & Teeple, P.
SEEP, USAID, Fundacion Paraguaya, Partners of the Americas
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Market-Driven Youth Programs and the Bottom Line 
2013, Kehler, M.L., Sanabria, L.F. & Teeple, P.

Ensuring financial sustainability of youth-workforce development programs through income generating activities

This paper discusses the youth-workforce development programs of Fundación Paraguaya and Partners of the Americas, and explores their experiences implementing income generating activities to help ensure market orientation and improve the ability of trainees to find employment.

"The purpose of youth-workforce development programs is to give youth the most effective preparation to enter the job market and become productive members of their communities and economies. To achieve this, training programs must provide them with appropriate skills that are currently in demand in the market—programs that are fully 'market driven'—which can be difficult because market demand is constantly changing".

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