Can We Leapfrog to 2030? Innovations For Youth Learning, Earning and Inclusion

Rebecca Winthrop, Bhaeanidharan Rajakumar, Rob Urquhart
The Brookings Institute, Transfr VR, Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator
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Sep 25, 2018

Access to quality education and skill building is essential in an age of rising inequality; by 2030, it is estimated that 825 million children will reach adulthood without basic secondary-level skills, while the world’s most marginalized youth will need at least a century to achieve the educational levels that the wealthiest enjoy today. With such daunting statistics in-hand, how can we possibly reach the global SDGs in the next thirty years?


The concept of “leapfrogging” means to harness innovation to rapidly accelerate progress. This plenary offers deep insights into the concept of leapfrogging, drawing from examples of innovation from around the world that are enabling us to make these types of leaps to advance youth economic opportunity. The presentation also addresses the sticky questions of scale, adaptability and policy that underpin our ability (or not) to achieve true impact through innovation.

Workforce Development
Adolescent Girls
Community Development
Economic Empowerment
Market Development
Non-formal Education
Scaling Up
Training & Capacity