Gender Transformative Robots: Building a Training and Employment Service Support Assistant through Gender Transformative/Centered Design

Bo Percival, Roshni Venkatesh
Plan International, Accenture
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Sep 27, 2018

In today’s connected society, infinite information is available to assist job seekers in the journey toward economic empowerment. However, many marginalized young people struggle to compete as they face barriers that impede both access and agency. Young women and girls often face further disadvantage as a result of further social and cultural barriers. In 2017, Plan International and Accenture Development Partners embarked on a journey to improve agency and accessibility for marginalized youth, particularly young women, pursuing training and employment opportunities. Meet TESSA, a Facebook-based Training and Employment Support Service Assistant that engages youth in a natural manner to identify and articulate skills, talents and employability attributes and matches them to training and employment opportunities. This session focuses on the process pioneered by the Innovation Partnership and how a gender transformative approach was embraced to design a disruptive technology, improving the agency and providing access to previously unattainable economic opportunities.

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