Are In-Demand Jobs in the Hospitality Sector, In-Demand for Opportunity Youth?

Madhu Rajesh, Laurie Bennett, Niki Zoli, Audrey Williams-Lee, Scott Robinson
International Tourism Partnership, YouthBuild International, Marriott, Hyatt, Youth Career Initiative (YCI)
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Sep 26, 2018

A familiar theme in a “changing world of work” is the fear of job loss to automation, matched by insufficient job creation to meet the demands of youth unemployment. Despite these fears, the hospitality industry continues to grow: Demand for workers, the large number of entry-level jobs, combined with low barriers to entry, transferable customer service skills, and a tendency to promote existing and long-term employees to management-level positions, make the hospitality sector ideal for workforce development efforts that target young people. Hotel supply chains also represent a diverse array of opportunities for youth in a changing world of work. With so much potential for career pathways in hospitality, why aren’t more youth engaged? This session discussed the potential of the hospitality industry alongside some of the common and persistent barriers to Opportunity Youth gaining access to jobs in the sector, as well as some of the strategies being deployed to address these challenges.

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