UX for Youth Engagement: Mobile-First Design and Development in India, and Everywhere Else

Lara Henneman, Nikita Bengani, Brittney Posterncok
International Youth Foundation, Quest Alliance, General Assembly
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Sep 26, 2018

Mobile learning has immense and increasing power to reach youth all over the world, including in emerging economies like India. Currently 55 percent of the world's 5 billion mobile subscriptions belong to people with smart phones, a percentage that will increase to 77 percent by 2025. This change is most acute in evolving economies like India and South Africa, where the magnitude of need for training and the capacity for scale are nearly unmatched. But how is creating content for mobile different than other types of programming and learning? What considerations are there for mobile-first design? What best practices can we learn from Silicon Valley (and Bangalore) around agile development and UX (user experience)? International Youth Foundation, Quest Alliance, and a freelance UX expert shared their experiences from UX research, mobile-first design and development, and engaging young people to create digital educational products built for today, and tomorrow.

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