More Than Internships: Sustainable Private Sector Engagement in Work-Based Learning

Syako Shekho, Aizhamal Ypyshova, Thomas Laferriere
Soran University, IREX, USAID Agro Horizon Project
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Sep 26, 2018

To keep up with the pace of a changing world of work, youth need to be adaptable and agile learners with exposure to practical and work learning experiences that enable them to apply skills and prepare them for opportunities in an evolving labor market. Learning from Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, and the West Bank demonstrates that sustained private sector engagement in work-based learning is critical. IREX and ACDI/VOCA shared models that go beyond basic internships to catalyze sustained engagement from the private sector, including industry advisory boards that push forward university and curriculum reform in Iraq, creating pathways from universities and training centers into growth-oriented agribusinesses in Kyrgyzstan, and aligning value propositions with the private sector to drive youth learning opportunities at a local community level in the West Bank.

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