Is It a Good Gig? How Digital Platforms Help Youth Thrive in the Gig Economy

Jerioth Wakarima Mwaura, Romouz Sadeq, Abood Basal, Phil Greiner, Khaleel Najjar
Mercy Corps, Mryati, LinaGAS Inc., Youth Impact Labs, Jordan
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Sep 27, 2018

In both Jordan and Kenya youth are increasingly propelled into the gig-economy, thereby effectively becoming micro-entrepreneurs. But being an entrepreneur in the gig-economy is no easy feat: it requires skills and knowledge that most youth do not possess. For example, youth must be able to efficiently market their services, effectively communicate with clients, manage their work schedule, handle payment processes, and be tech-savvy. In this presentation, we will examine how digital platforms in both Jordan and Kenya not only help youth access work opportunities, but also provide the supporting environment and equip youth with the skills necessary to thrive in the gig economy. We will look at how 3 start-ups in the digital economy are empowering youth to successfully navigate the gig-economy and offer decent work opportunities for youth who are largely part of the informal economy.  

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