Contextualizing and Integrating Soft/Life Skills in Positive Youth Development: Practical Approaches and Measurement Results from Low-and Middle-Income Counties (LMICs)

Maria Brindlmayer, Leesa Kaplan, Christine Beggs
Making Cents International, DAI/Puentes, Room to Read
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Sep 26, 2018

Despite considerable progress made in understanding the importance of soft skills for positive youth development and gathering evidence, challenges remain to developing effective and contextualized soft skills curricula, successfully measuring these skills, and interpreting the results. Presenters and attendees discussed what we know about the importance of soft skills in different contexts in LMICs, how we adapt and teach them, and how we measure them. Building on research carried out under several USAID funded projects, work by Room to Read, and other projects, this panel presented results from a systematic review and the role of soft skills in positive youth development. Panelists shared examples on soft skills curriculum integration and implementation into a TVET program in Mexico, a technical training curriculum for high-risk youth in El Salvador, as well as experiences from a large soft skills measurement baseline study in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

Soft Skills