Start It Up: Understanding the Role of Incubators and Accelerators to Foster Youth Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship

Paul Bell, Michael Ducker, Alexei Dunaway, Tamara Zakharia
J.E. Austin Associates, Ongoza, UNICEF Lebanon
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Sep 26, 2018

Incubators and accelerators are playing a larger role in startup communities around the world, and growing number target young social impact entrepreneurs. Yet the differences between incubators and accelerators is often not well defined or understood and, when it comes to quality, not all incubators and accelerators created equal. Although early evidence signals their potential to improve startups’ outcomes, and for these benefits to spill over into the broader startup community, the measurable impact of incubators and accelerators on performance varies widely among programs. This provided several unique perspectives from the ground floor of youth entrepreneurship and the opportunities and challenges that accompany incubators and accelerators.

Financial Inclusion