Promoting Youth-Entrepreneurship in the Blue and Green Economy - A Practical Tool Guide for Policymakers and Youth Leaders

Sushil Ram, Shamoy Hajare
Commonweath Secretariat London, Jamaica School for Social Entrepreneurship
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Sep 26, 2018

Over many years the Commonwealth Secretariat has made concerted efforts to encourage youth entrepreneurship as a pragmatic strategy to address spiralling youth unemployment and to positively harness young people’s potential. This has included the Commonwealth Youth Credit Initiative, which formed the basis of a number of national youth entrepreneurship programmes; the development of a Policy Guide on Youth Entrepreneurship in order to assist governments in member countries to create an enabling environment in which youth entrepreneurship can flourish, training of government officials in youth entrepreneurship policy and practice; and establishment of networks of young entrepreneurs in the Asia/Pacific, Caribbean and Africa. These Commonwealth Alliances of Young Entrepreneurs (CAYE) are now championing and driving stronger youth entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Commonwealth Secretariat developed a Policy Brief on youth entrepreneurship in Blue and green economy that provides practical policy advice on how to integrate responses to the multiple challenges facing national economies, the natural environments and young people. It draws from the guidance provided by the Policy Guide on Youth Entrepreneurship and takes this further to describe practical considerations when promoting youth entrepreneurship to achieve sustainable development. Particular attention is given to the ways young women and men can contribute to the transformation of the economy and promote green and blue growth.

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