The Samasource Freelance Agency: A Low-cost & Scalable Model for Giving Work in Complex Geographies

Phillip Chikwiramakomo, Melodie Kinet
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Sep 25, 2018

Samasource has set up sustainable impact sourcing centers in East Africa and India, but these are costly and complex to run, requiring sales and operations teams and high-end, secure infrastructure. To prepare more youth for the future of work, our freelance agency proves out a lighter-weight model can also be successful for giving work. The Samasource agency provides freelance skills training to youth with basic digital skills, and helps them get work online. The agency works on a variety of freelancing platforms, and provides light quality assurance and operational support to the freelancers. This model has been successful in Nairobi, and is now being piloted in Dadaab refugee camp as a nimble solution to give work in protracted refugee situations.

Workforce Development