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Demand-Driven Training for youth employment programs build job-relevant skills valued by employers and useful for self-employment by offering both pre-employment skills development and some form of on-the- job training.

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2019 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Orientation Webinar

Making Cents International's Youth Economic Opportunities Network
The annual GYEO Summit Call for Proposals is a competitive process open to all interested applicants working to advance youth economic opportunities. Summit speakers raise awareness about their work, share knowledge and encourage collaboration in our sector through practical, hands-on breakout sessions that connect to the Summit’s theme and technical tracks.
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Gender Transformative Robots: Building a Training and Employment Service Support Assistant through Gender Transformative/Centered Design

Plan International, Accenture

In today’s connected society, infinite information is available to assist job seekers in the journey toward economic empowerment. However, many marginalized young people struggle to compete as they face barriers that impede both access and agency. Young women and girls often face further disadvantage as a result of further social and cultural barriers. In 2017, Plan International and Accenture Development Partners embarked on a journey to improve agency and accessibility for marginalized youth, particularly young women, pursuing training and employment opportunities.

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UX for Youth Engagement: Mobile-First Design and Development in India, and Everywhere Else

International Youth Foundation, Quest Alliance, General Assembly

Mobile learning has immense and increasing power to reach youth all over the world, including in emerging economies like India. Currently 55 percent of the world's 5 billion mobile subscriptions belong to people with smart phones, a percentage that will increase to 77 percent by 2025. This change is most acute in evolving economies like India and South Africa, where the magnitude of need for training and the capacity for scale are nearly unmatched. But how is creating content for mobile different than other types of programming and learning?

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BLOG: Using technology to promote youth employment: How to develop digital solutions

The World Bank

How and when can we use technology to design and implement youth employment programs?

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The Future of Jobs and Skills in the Middle East and North Africa

World Economic Forum

Education and work in the Middle East and North Africa region will determine the livelihoods of over 300 million people and drive growth and development for generations to come. As one of the youngest populations in the world, it is imperative that the region make adequate investments in education and learning that hold value in the labour market and prepare citizens for the world of tomorrow. In addition, as the global transformation of work unfolds in the region, policymakers, business leaders and workers must be prepared to proactively manage this period of transition.


1 - 10 of 25 results