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Demand-Driven Training for youth employment programs build job-relevant skills valued by employers and useful for self-employment by offering both pre-employment skills development and some form of on-the- job training.

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Rural Hubs: Creating Community to Promote Youth Entrepreneurship


How often do you feel like you are reinventing the wheel when it comes to finding effective solutions for youth employment? How can we learn from others in a supportive, non-competitive and effective way?

Creating Entrepreneurs for the Future through Partnerships

Teach a Man to Fish, Honduran Ministry of Education

Practical Entrepreneurship Education is an essential pathway to transforming schools into exciting hubs of inspiration that will provide students with the relevant learning and adaptable skills for the jobs of the future, as well as with the mindset and motivation to become confident and successful entrepreneurs and job creators.

MindLeaps in Rwanda: How can the Arts Improve Learning Skills in Youth and Create Measurement Tools for Service-Based Programs?

MindLeaps, Drexel University

Using an interactive and physical demonstration, MindLeaps will showcase how a dance-based methodology develops seven cognitive and non-cognitive skills. The presentation will engage participants and ask them to play a key role in the M&E system. The demo will capture data in real-time and display graphs showing changes in skill performance over time and repetition.

Cultivating Youth Economic Participation through Ecosystems: Lessons from the Young African Leaders Initiative

IREX, USAID, Young African Leaders Initiative

While building skills gives youth a foundation for entry into the workforce, often the skills learned from an institute are not sufficient for successful transition.

A Year in the Life of the Komo Youth-Led Club: Lessons from the Field

Komo Learning Centres

This session will share on-the-ground realities of meaningful youth participation, using the Komo Learning Centres Youth-Led Club as a case study. In June 2016 Komo received a grant from YouthPower Learning to make a video series documenting the activities, successes, and challenges of the club’s first year.

From Classroom to Boardroom: The Importance of Business Engagement for the Youth Workforce

JP Morgan Chase, STL Youth Jobs, Futures and Options

Effective youth workforce initiatives require proactive business engagement before, during, and after employment. This panel will highlight examples of innovation in partnership development and management, and the benefits to collaboration with youth employment. The panel will focus on making the case for business engagement with a summer and year-round workforce provider.

Beyond the Transcript: Capturing Credentials for the Workplace

IREX, Education Design Lab

How can employers be assured that their future employees possess not only the technical or academic skills needed to succeed in the workplace, but also the 21st century competencies required to thrive? Micro-credentials provide an opportunity to develop student skills crucial to workplace success, including communication, critical thinking and resilience.

Putting PYD into Practice: Using a PYD Approach to Develop Programming for At-Risk Youth in Guyana

Making Cents International

Evidence shows that taking a Positive Youth Development (PYD)-approach to youth programming can support the meaningful engagement of young people and empower them to become positive agents for change in their own lives and their communities. Strong youth programs take a PYD lens to all aspects of the program cycle from design to evaluation.

Finding the (Best) Fit : New Research in Matching and Information Programs for Youth

Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), MSME Development Agency

What works in matching and information programs? There are lots of frictions that prevent youth from accessing the best possible job opportunities. On one hand, youth often lack information about the realities of the job market and the value of different education and training programs. In addition, they may lack information about where jobs are and how to get them.

Youth Entrepreneurship in Their Own Words: Perspectives on What Works from the Field

FHI 360, MENA Alliances Group, Afterschool Centre for Career Development, Habona Ltd.

FHI 360 wants to bring the perspective and experiences of young entrepreneurs from the field to you. Interested in learning about what entrepreneurship programming approaches have proven most effective? Want to find out if youth entrepreneurs agree?


81 - 90 of 600 results