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Demand-Driven Training for youth employment programs build job-relevant skills valued by employers and useful for self-employment by offering both pre-employment skills development and some form of on-the- job training.

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Research on Assets for Children and Youth: Reflections on the Past and Prospects for the Future

University of Kansas - Edwards Campus, School of Social Work, Washington Univserity in St. Lois, University of Michigan, National Congress of American Indians, Stillwater Consultation

This article evolved from a presentation on research challenges and opportunities in asset building for children and youth at a symposium on Child Development Accounts in the United States in late 2008. The presentation was part of a panel entitled “Reflections and Conclusions” on the final day of the symposium. The authors reflect on where the field has been, and imagine some of the challenges ahead, from diverse perspectives.

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The Impact of Financial Crises on Youth Unemployment Rate

University of Tartu

This paper focuses on the extent and persistence of the impact of financial crises on youth (15-24) unemployment rate. It presents empirical estimations on the impact of past financial crises on young workers, as well as investigates the relationship between financial crises and youth unemployment rate by employing fixed effects panel estimation on a large panel of countries (about 70) around the world for the period 1980-2005. Gender specific effects of crises, as well as the “persistence" of the impact of financial crises on young workers is also investigated. Its econometric investigations can be useful to better assess its impact on youth unemployment.

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The Role of Hatton National Bank in Creating Access to Financial Services for Youth in Sri Lanka

Hatton National Bank (HNB)

Originally published in 2009 and updated in August 2011, this case study explores the role that Hatton National Bank (HNB), a prominent commercial bank in Sri Lanka, has played in providing financial services in rural areas and to vulnerable populations. HNB focuses on serving the youth through two programs: 1) establishing Student Banking Centres in schools and 2) targeting youth in rural areas in their village microfinance programs to receive both financial and non-financial services.

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Case Study


1131 - 1133 of 1133 results