OpenEntryGenerating Employment for Women and Youth with Free E-commerce Catalogs on Google

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OpenEntry (OE) is a non-profit development organization with 13 years of experience bringing the benefits of e-commerce to thousands of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in 44 countries including Haiti, Brazil, Laos, India, Zimbabwe, Mali, Netherlands, Kenya, Bangladesh, and USA.

A United Nations Development Program evaluation of OE in Nepal ( concluded:

  • "The largest impact of implementing this 'pro-poor' e-commerce approach was on income and employment. Firms using it reported jobs that were directly attributable to the on-line promotion...3918 women”
  • "a relatively inexperienced group of young IT professionals could, with the proper tools, create employment for themselves while providing e-commerce services to local SMEs."

OE recently re-launched its award (*) winning ecommerce platform using powerful tools provided by Google and translated into 57 languages This enables OE to offer totally free e-commerce catalogs (software, hosting, & user support) to SMEs worldwide. These full function catalogs accept credit card payment by PayPal, Google Checkout, and (works in any country) as well as B2B orders with a request for quotes cart. They can be created and managed from any computer online or a smart phone.

However, most SMEs will need help in setting up and managing their catalogs and this is an opportunity for women and youth to provide those services for a fee. Any computer saavy person can learn to use OE catalog generator with just a few hours of orientation. Then, with basic guidance from a government agency or development NGO on running their own business, they are ready to provide ecommerce services to local shops, pharmacies, restaurants, hardware stores, etc.

For more information, go to or contact OE Founder & CEO, Dr. Daniel Salcedo ([email protected], 240.242.9798).
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(*) Global IT Excellence Award for Digital Opportunity from the World Information Technology and Service Alliance ( "members represent 90% of the world IT market")

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Dr. Daniel Salcedo