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We create an entrepreneurial culture among youth through various initiatives, a culture that encourages development and growth in all aspects of a young person’s life.

We are committed to increasing interest and active involvement in programs supporting young entrepreneurs by implementing inspirational and aspirational youth and enterprise learning events in their communities. Our programs focus on all four thematic areas in our ‘enterprise development process’ thereby presenting numerous opportunities that encourage young people to become entrepreneurial in their every thought, speech and action.

Schools Writing Contest

The contest stimulates enterprise awareness among youth in schools between the ages of 15 and 18 years. This program encourages educators to consider the benefits of early enterprise development education and the possibility of introducing enterprise development education in their curricula. The students are encouraged to consider enterprise, in all its forms, as a realistic rather than exceptional option for their future

Youth Enterprise Development (YED) Forum

Through a panel discussion that introduces Youth Financial Services, we encourage information sharing between youth and panelists representing financiers and financial institutions.

Youth Enterprise Development (YED) Online Forum

A platform where young people come together to explore the issues and air their views around youth enterprise development. The forum introduces weekly topics for discussion and brings in expert advice from policy makers, the business community, educationalists, financial institutions, government departments and any potential service providers.

We adopt a partnership approach for most of our programs to enhance stakeholder benefit through: expertise exchange, gaining new perspectives, raising the YED profile, becoming a stronger catalyst in changing attitudes and perceptions; a collaborative development approach.

“The transition to an entrepreneurial mindset involves self motivation, learning to do things by oneself, confidence and effective personal leadership. We encourage values of persistance, commitment, accountability; the ability to manage change, be innovative, take risks, be creative and the will to continuously learn new skills and maintain the drive to succeed.”

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