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As thousands of educated young people leave school and college each year, Bhutan is facing an unprecedented problem of unemployment. The private sector is still a fledgling and the civil service is over-suscribed. With a money-oriented economy sweeping across the region, there is a need for a socially responsible and ethical entrepreneurial culture. LEP was launched in order to give a helping hand to hundreds of young people who are searching for guidance and support to create businesses and employment in the new economic climate.

The Intent

The aim of LEP is to train and support young Bhutanese in entrepreneurial ventures. The programme aspires to help them realize their dreams by providing them training, moral and technical support, and initial funds to start new entrepreneurial ventures. LEP hopes to cultivate entrepreneurial skills, create employment, and promote a self-sufficient economy, while also promoting social volunteerism by involving successful entrepreneurs as volunteers. For more information read the LEP charter and the most recent LEP Report.

The LEP Training Programme

This is one of the annual training programmes and made it bi-annual in 2010 by conducting similar training programmes in Mongar, the eastern part of Bhutan. The training is offered by business lecturers, local and international entrepreneurs. The courses cover entrepreneurial thinking, ethics and skills, , financial analysis, operations and management, marketing techniques, drafting of business plans, etc. In the preceding years all participants felt their time at the courses were highly productive.

LEP Capital Fund Competition

The LEP training programme is followed by the competition for funds. Announcements for competition are made in May and candidates are asked to submit a business proposal by the end of August every year. The LEP Jury will then assess the proposal at two different stages and call the shortlisted candidates for an interview in October. The successful candidates are awarded interest free loans ranging from Nu 100,000 to Nu 10,00,000. No collateral is required but candidates who receive the loans are required to sign a contract. For more information on the purpose, processes and conditions of the loans, read our LEP charter, model contract and LEP report.

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