Civic Support Initiative

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The Civic Support Initiative in Lebanon strengthens civil society capacity to mobilize youth, promote conflict mitigation, and advocate for peaceful national and local change.

​ Funded by USAID through its Office of Transition Initiatives, the Civic Support Initiative in Lebanon provides small, in-kind grants to organizations working with youth in marginalized and conflict-prone areas. The initiative has partnered with numerous nongovernmental organizations, youth groups, and other civil society actors.

The Civic Support Initiative, the predecessor of the Lebanon Civic Initiative, has three objectives. Through the initiative, Chemonics works with local groups to deepen their understanding of advocacy and position them to advance reform. In addition, the initiative supports activities to encourage youth to become more active and productive members of their communities through fostering leadership, critical thinking skills, and civic engagement among at-risk youth, while encouraging their participation in the political process.

The project also works to mitigate tensions in conflict-prone areas by supporting grassroots initiatives aimed at promoting inter-communal dialogue, strengthening voices of peace, and creating avenues for joint actions between rival communities. 
Project Results

  • From inception in January 2010 to November 2011, the project has provided more than 110 small to medium grants committing more than $9,000,000.
  • Media outlets created: 47.
  • Beneficiaries:
    • People trained: 13,253
    • Participants in activity events (planned and actual): 249,950
    • Villages/towns worked in around Lebanon: 215.
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