Education Reform Support Program (ERSP)

Creative Associates
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Education has played a transformative role in the development of Jordan from an agrarian, subsistence economy to a predominantly urban, industrialized nation. With few natural resources at its disposal, Jordan has opted to develop its human capacity. To date, Jordan's record of educational development has been impressive. Jordan’s population has a very high literacy rate of 89 percent. In July 2003, the Government of Jordan launched the Education Reform for the Knowledge Economy initiative. The USAID-funded Education Reform Support Program, or ERSP, supports the Jordan Ministry of Education’s reform efforts to produce graduates with skills to compete in a knowledge economy. Creative’s team is building a system for the professional development of teachers and principals, providing high-quality early childhood education, giving high school students the skills they need to participate productively in the workforce, and helping schools and directorates make decisions based on broad participation and sound data. ERSP is also providing training and support for ministry officials, teachers and supervisors in kindergartens. In addition, ERSP is refurbishing kindergarten classrooms, renovating and equipping school playgrounds and helping teachers and students make the best use of these facilities. The Creative team is helping to institutionalize programs which enable youth to pursue careers, including an on-line entrepreneurship curriculum for high school students. ERSP also supports the MOE in policy reform.

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Rida Baida