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Nike Foundation, DfID
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Girl Hub’s job is to unleash the Girl Effect.
What’s the Girl Effect? It’s when the 600 million adolescent girls in the developing world get a chance to grow into healthy mothers, active citizens and educated members of their societies – and transform their families, communities and nations along the way.

The Girl Effect is a revolution waiting to happen. It just needs a few things.

It needs national education systems that work for girls.  It needs maternal health providers to deliver services tailored to the unique needs of adolescent mothers. It needs agricultural practices that ensure tomorrow’s female farmers are skilled and productive. It needs policy implementation that actually reaches girls.

That’s where Girl Hub comes in.
Girl Hub is smoothing the path for the revolution. We are part advisor, part catalyst and 100% dedicated to adolescent girls in poverty.

Girl Hub will work with developing world decision-makers and donors to do more for girls better.

We will connect a worldwide network of experts and advocates to large-scale development programs to ensure they take girls’ needs into account. We will provide advisory services, based on what works for girls in different contexts. We will support advocacy and involve girls themselves in the design and implementation of policies that affect them.

With the support of our initial backers – the Nike Foundation and the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) -- we will establish national hubs in four countries by 2013, starting with Kenya and northern Nigeria.

What we’re working for.
We want to see improved conditions, life choices and realisation of rights for girls.

When that occurs, the health and prosperity of girls, their families, and their communities will improve. Population growth will slow. The Millennium Development Goals on poverty, maternal and child health, gender equality, HIV, and education will be met sooner. That’s the Girl Effect.

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