Stabilization of Youth Through Providing Employment Opportunities (RISEN)

Organization type: 

The project sought to provide viable employment opportunities to unemployed, conflict affected youth whilst encouraging leading national employers to expand industry into the North.


  • A grass root mobilization campaign leveraged the efforts of 50 youth volunteers in conjunction with a highly visible mobile unit consisting of a decorated full body lorry equipped with a sound system, awareness brochure and registration form distribution and poster campaign in 12 Divisions across 4 Districts in the North.
  • 24 Registration clinics resulting in over 17,500 youth registered in the national employee delivery system database
  • Training for CV preparation, career guidance and interview skills for 2000 pre-screened registered youth.
  • Two employer forums; one forum held in the capital for the nation’s industry leaders and the second held in Vavuniya for leading regional small to medium based enterprises. Individual consultations with private sector companies resulted in 10,200 job orders before the Jobs Fair.
  • A one-day Jobs Fair linking over 80 employers from across the country with more than 15,000 participants. Over 8200 interviews conducted by employers resulted in 3218 job offers made the same day with hundreds of positions offered post jobs fair.
Primary Area of Intervention: 
Contact person: 
Ms. Dawn Hayden, Regional Program Manager
94 24 222 6023