Girls for Change! Participatory video for monitoring and evaluation brings valuable lessons for girl programming


A webinar which brings together different stakeholders involved in a recent Participatory Video for Monitoring and Evaluation programme. The panel includes girl beneficiaries and programme implementors from Uganda and Guartemala as well as trainer and donor representatives.

Together they will share the outcomes and key learning from this initiative with other organisations and individuals working with adolescent girl programming around the world or with those who have an interest in understanding more about the challenges and opportunities of using participatory video for participatory monitoring and evaluation.

The 'Video Girls for Change' initiative - which supported adolescent girls, who are part of empowerment projects, to take a leading role in evaluating girl programming – was funded by the Nike Foundation and ran in parallel in two countries with two different program implementers: Population Council Guatemala and BRAC Uganda

Joining us in the webinar are:

  • Girl leaders from each country
  • Angel Del Valle, M&E Co-ordinator, Population Council, Guatemala
  • Bandele Adeyemi, Communications Manager, BRAC Uganda
  • Soledad Muniz, Programme Associate, InsightShare
  • Janna McDougall, Health & Safety Pillar Lead, Nike Foundation
  • Tieneke van Lonkhuyzen, Investment Manager, Nike Foundation

Soledad Muniz will provide an overview of the initiative and illustrate the use of Participatory Video and Most Significant Change for participatory M&E. Angel Del Valle, Bandele Adeyemi and the girl leaders will share their findings, experiences and lessons. Janna McDougall and Tieneke van Lonkhuyzen will be present to discuss the learning from the donor’s perspective.

The presentation will be followed by an opportunity for participants to ask and discuss questions brought up by the presentation and share insights on the potential applications of participatory video methods coupled with Most Significant Change for evaluating international advocacy efforts.


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