World Youth Summit 2013

Child & Youth Finance International

Do you want to participate in an exciting event gathering around 100 children from all over the world to share their views and experiences on Child and Youth Finance in the amazing city of Istanbul? Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in the event of the year!!

The World Youth Summit 2013 will take place in the city of Istanbul, Turkey 6-9 May 2013. 100 children and youth from all over the world will meet at the impressive venue of the Istanbul Stock Exchange to participate in fun and interesting workshops and activities around Child and Youth Finance. You will get the chance to talk directly to policy makers and let them know what you think! Of course we will also organize leisure activities, such as visits to the city and its surroundings, games and other entertainment to make sure you enjoy this experience to its fullest and you go back home with new friends and good memories to share!

If you don’t want to miss this great opportunity, take a look at the Youth Champion Awards and send your application no later than the 25th of February. You can also talk to your school to participate in the School Champion Awards or the ChildFinance Day/Week Champion Awards. There are lots of opportunities for you to be among the 100 finalists that will attend this great event. Don’t miss your chance!